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TV on 4-28-11 - gpgurl50
TV on 4-28-11


"Nikita" 1x20

Nathan must think Alex is hella dumb if he thought assassins was the first break up plan that came to mind. Yeah, she’s making herself and you move just to break up with you. Idiot. Nikita just had to attempt to rob a bank to smoke out a guardian. I love her being brainy. I love the way Mikita both almost gagged on their wine at the kids mention. It’s weird how Nikita bonds with some of the guardians. Jaden was being friendly but was she trying to start stuff with Nathan? Why else would she introduce herself while he just let himself in and acted like a dick? Seriously, why did he keep letting himself in? The Jaden/Alex fight was cool and a long time coming. It was especially nice that it happened at the one moment Jaden was actually being nice and ironically thanking Alex for saving her life and when she finally became an agent like she always wanted. Still, I don’t like Nathan being the killer unless it’s foreshadowing he’s actually a big bad with great aim. I mean, I understand not wanting to make Alex seem evil with tons of kills but Nikita makes it work. Alex throwing up was a little too real and gross. Amanda found out the truth about Alex and how she’s working with Nikita. OMG!!!


"Community" 2x22

"You are such a great teacher when you’re drinking."

"Chang babies love the sauce. Alcohol and duck."

"All Changs are born with tails."

"I just yanked a little dude out of my friend."

All the students hate the study group. Haha. Pierce violated the Troy/Abed bond. Abed delivered a baby. There was a race kerfuffle. Chang was actually helpful during the birth even though it wasn’t his baby. The baby got named after him though and was the name of a Greek character. Dean magazine! I wonder if that ever actually existed.


"The Big Bang Theory" 4x21

"Last week we smoked cigars and pretended to be dragons."

"You’re like a sexy toddler."

"The name literally beckons."

"The real danger is him biting my face off while I’m sleeping."

I actually respect Priya for breaking the roommate agreement. At least Sheldon won in the end. Amy is a rebel in comparison to Sheldon. Them dancing together was awesome. Sheldon saved an elderly nun and is good at tons of things apparently. Amy kissed Penny. Then she kissed Sheldon. Sheldon is a good friend to Amy.


"30 Rock" 5x21

"Run citizen."

"Me plus you equals frowny face."

I love the song to Liz’s overcoming obstacles. Avery and Jack do weird sex stuff. Condoleezza Rice was a little awkward. Avery got kidnapped and married. Liz lost the war to plastic bags and she probably didn’t get that inside joke either.


"The Vampire Diaries" 2x20

Okay, Damon is a dick and I was annoyed with him for most of the first scene but it was funny when he said he would write Bonnie a great eulogy even though I don’t want to see Bonnie die. The thing is Damon’s idea was the right one but I hate that he always forces decisions on Elena because he’s too selfish to let her make her own. I don’t care if he’s sorry about it this time because he feels sorry for things but it doesn’t stop the behavior for good. Still, I like his character most of the time and he got better as the episode went on and Damon got bit by Tyler. The Damon/Stefan fight was pretty cool. I love Stefan and Elena’s talk. It’s why I ship them. Elena never wanted to live as a vampire. Then they had the close your eyes moment. So very Buffy. Matt believes Caroline is real and Damon is the jerk. Yay Matt. He came to rescue his girl and finally became awesome. Mama sheriff doesn’t want to kill her daughter but thinks she’s soulless. Poor Tyler’s mom! Forreal, I was never attached to her but damn. She was so vulnerable and then thrown off a staircase. So, if I got this right, Katherine was willing to stand in the sunlight without a bracelet rather than run out on Klaus. That is hard core fear and hard core tough. Finally, Klaus proved to be a smart guy with his plan working out his way. Jenna was more likable this episode than in a long time. She’s totally a vampire in transition now. Fantastic. Also, I’m glad Tyler is back but they made Matt/Caroline shippable again. I also like to think that Katherine cared that Damon got bit but that’s almost absolutely untrue.


"Parks and Recreation" 3x11

"Unable to make out with the lightbulb I want to make out with."

"Were you guys frying marbles?"

I love Jerry’s paintings! I love how both Leslie and Tom had to explain themselves to Jerry’s wife. Ben moving in with April and Andy is fun. Andy and April and Ben would totally have sex with centaur-Leslie.


"The Office" 7x21

"You should never settle for who you are."

"Do you know how to hi-five?"

"I actually don’t understand death beds. I mean, who would buy that?"

"Hey, will you guys let me know if this ever airs?"

"I had cake for lunch."

Funny and so sad. Michael took off his microphone and Pam went through airport security just to say goodbye. They didn’t miss each other. Seriously, so great how this ended for Michael.

I’ll add Grey’s onto the weekend.

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