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"I write because it makes me feel cool even though I know I'm not. I write for revenge on everyone that ever wronged me. Tim Stenger, you know what I'm talking about. I write to heal (myself, not the world - I'm not a wizard). I write because I'm lucky; we all know how many elements of success are beyond our control. I write because I secretly believe luck had nothing to do with it. I write because I'm arrogant, because I'm insecure, because I'm depressed, angry, joyous, drunk, bored But most of all, I write because I'm full of s***."- Bill Lawrence of Scrubs.


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Veronica Mars

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30 rock, 500 days of summer, afterellen, alias, all my children, angel, animorphs, audrey hepburn, bam, battlestar galactica, better off ted, bianca/maggie, big love, boston legal, brandi carlile, breakfast at tiffany's, brooke/sam, btvs, buffy the vampire slayer, californication, charmed, cheers, chuck, closer, coldplay, community, cruel intentions, d.e.b.s., daria, dark angel, dead like me, dexter, dilbert, doctor who, dollhouse, dr who, dr. horrible, ellen degeneres, everwood, family guy, fanfic, fanfiction, femslash, firefly, forgetting sarah marshall, fried green tomatoes, futurama, glee, golden girls, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, grΣΣk, harper's island, heroes, himym, imagine me & you, imagine me and you, inception, jack's mannequin, joss whedon, jossverse, katharine hepburn, kevin smith flicks, kings, les miserables, lip service, little miss sunshine, lost girl, love actually, mamma mia!, maroon 5, meg & dia, melrose place, merlin, misfits, movies, multi-fandom, newsradio, nikita, one republic, popular, pretty little liars, princess bride, psych, pushing daisies, sarah connor chronicles, scripted television, scrubs, secret circle, serenity, shakespeare, shaun of the dead, skins, smallville, snow patrol, south of nowhere, star trek, stranger than fiction, supernatural, the 4400, the closer, the dark knight, the facts of life, the fray, the it crowd, the l word, the matrix, the nanny, the office, the sarah connor chronicles, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, tina fey, torchwood, tru calling, vampire diaries, veronica mars, weeds

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