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TV on 3-16-11 - gpgurl50
TV on 3-16-11

Day 2 of my tv meme with picspam under the cut.  Day 2 question is what show do you wish more people were watching?


Craig Ferguson

"You smell exactly as I’d hoped."

"I will not eat brains of any animal."

Martha Stewart was surprisingly funny.



"Hot in Cleveland" 2x07

"Old people are the worst. Present company included."

"Who can argue with a plan that starts with the ghost children."

Victoria finally got a love interest of the episode and poor Elka lost her man. That helping people but not helping people plot that Melanie and Joy had was kind of nothing.


"Mr. Sunshine" 1x01

I guess it’s good they showed the work aspects of Mr. Sunshine and Alison Janey has a good singing voice. This is a kind of no big deal show for me.

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

"Lost Girl" -  There’s a bisexual succubus as the main character. Some femslash pairings, het pairings, female friendships and loyalty, all kind of super powers. Some comedy, angst action. Nice fluffy fun.  Great one liners.

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