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My "Arrow" 5x13 Recap - gpgurl50
My "Arrow" 5x13 Recap

We open on a gunman loading up. So, there's that.

At the Arrow Cave, Dinah and Diggle train and bond. Felicity has a location on Prometheus's mom. No one is asking her how because no one understands tech, I guess. I think they're supposed to be catching onto stuff but who knows how she does anything she does.

At the Mayor's Office, Thea returns from all the travel she somehow does working in local government. She finds out Rene still works here. The lone gunman shoots up the Mayor's office, killing 5 people and injuring a few dozen more. Adrian gets shot. Rene shoots the gunman but he gets away.

Some time ago, Rene is planning to take his daughter Zoe out to a game in a sketchy part of town. He wants to bring a gun but his wife says no. His wife is an ex-junkie turned current junkie. She says he can't get on his high horse when he is also awful. SOLID POINT. He says he never did drugs or brought them in their home. He tells her to drop the drugs or leave. He comes home with his daughter to find the place trashed. A drug dealer holds Rene's wife hostage. Rene goes for his gun and shoots the drug dealer. As the drug dealer dies, he shoots Rene's wife. This all happens in front of Zoe. Remember this chain of events for later. Anyway, Rene used his stolen gun and lost custody of Zoe. He saw the uprising against Damien and decided to become a vigilante himself.

At the Mayor's Office, Adrian gets taken to the hospital. Thea questions Rene bringing a gun to the Mayor's office. Rene claims he just saved her. That doesn't answer that question.

At the Arrow Cave, they assume the shooter got the gun illegally but he bought it legally. Dinah said his assault rifle is the number one gun in the nation. Felicity tries to track it. Felicity will not have anything to say on the topic despite nearly being paralyzed by bullets just last year. It is also a thing no one brings up.

At the police station, Quentin gives the cops a sketch to run down. Quentin asks how Rene could have a gun when it's illegal for him to have one. He just bought one and is glad for it. Since I already talked about the flashback, I should point out, isn't that exactly how he lost custody of his daughter in the first place? Quentin doesn't like the crime.

At the hospital, Thea informs Ollie that more people died. They meet Adrian's wife, Doris. Is Riverdale trying to make all these old names cool again? Adrian accuses the Bertinelli crime family of being behind the shooting since they use that gun 90% of the time. Ollie promises to look into it if Adrian stays in the hospital like his wife wants. That must be an awkward conversation to have with your boss. Also, Ollie should look into it anyway.

At the Arrow Cave, Quentin meets Dinah. He doesn't seem to have any reaction to the name. Quentin doesn't want lunatics to have guns. Curtis doesn't want to be shot. Rene says he likes his safety. Dinah thinks everyone should protect themselves. No one mentions her partner was killed by a gun. Felicity has been telling them to shut up the whole episode but this time it's because she has something.

The Green Arrow attacks a Bertinelli guy under a bridge. Bertinelli says his guys had nothing to do with it. Vigilante shows up and kills the guy anyway. This is seconds before Felicity calls to say the guy is a lone wolf. This is never followed up on. They're just like oh well.

At the Arrow Cave, the shooter is a man named Edlund. His family was killed in a mall shooting. We're just hearing about this because mall shootings don't even rate as interesting crimes in this terrible city. The shooter has now gone off the grid. Felicity sends the information to the SCPD. Curtis mentions the mall shooting is another example of bad guys having guns. Rene says if the bad guys have guns, he wants them too.

At the Mayor's office, Ollie holds a press conference. He reveals the shooter's identity. The press questions Ollie about his gun opinions and he avoids all questions. He privately tells Thea and Quentin that he can't handle this. Quentin tells Ollie to step up as the mayor rather than the Green Arrow. Thea agrees even though it can be politically damaging. Ollie wants to meet with the people behind the last gun legislation in the city. He brings in a councilwoman who voted down the gun registration because she doesn't want to limit citizens rights. Ollie says all rights get limited to keep people safe. He refuses to leave office until they can come to an agreement that respects everyone's rights. Ollie's opinion is never really nailed down except by saying “we should do something.” A lot of people find this problematic since Ollie kills people all the time but now he's putting something down that guns specifically are bad. He's kind of a weird person to be making this argument.

In an alley, Spartan and BC Dinah are interrogating people looking for the shooter. They call it a night. Dinah admits she was looking for an apartment but that's what normal people do and she doesn't feel normal. Diggle says he felt that way after all they've been through but he got better with baby steps. A lot of people thought they were vibing but I don't see it. Maybe because I love Diggle/Lyla so much.

At the Arrow Cave, Curtis asks Felicity why she shuts down all their gun debates. She doesn't see the point of a debate if it accomplishes nothing. Curtis says talking about things is how we get resolutions so there is a point. Now, Curtis says that he thinks not talking is how the country got this way but in the Arrowverse, the President is a black woman so did they just have a tension filled election or...? Felicity finds a support group the shooter went to.

At a support group, Rene and Curtis question the group members and find out the shooter is staying with a friend. They get an address. Rene tells Curtis that his wife died because he couldn't get to his gun in time. Since Rene's wife died as a direct result of Rene shooting the criminal, that seems to be the opposite of the truth that the show likes to engage in sometimes. Like, they were doing it to make the story work. Remember back in season 2 when Ollie “sacrificed” Shado to save Sara, when all he did was yell out for Sara not to be shot when she was about to shot? Remember that whole thing?

Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific go the shooter's house. They find the location of his next target. Somehow Rene recognizes it from the blueprints which is again, never explained.

At the Mayor's office, the councilwoman says the registry would tie up sales and cause business owners to lose business. I guess since this is the weakest argument, that's the one Ollie gets to bail on. After vowing not to leave, Ollie gets a call saying the shooter is going to Starling General Hospital. He is going. Way to stick to your word.

At the hospital, Ollie goes as himself rather than the Green Arrow. Ollie tells the shooter that he knows that he let Ollie live so he could make the gun registry. Does he know that? Seems like a huge risk. The man who killed the shooter's family got their guns illegally so the registry wouldn't have helped. The gunman says he couldn't protect his family, everyone is angry and he just wants to put them out of their misery. Ollie says shooting all those people made the shooter like the man who killed his family. He talks the guy down and takes his gun. The shooter gets arrested.

At the Mayor's Office, the councilwoman was mad at Ollie until she found out what he was doing. The shooter is pleading guilty on everything. Rene helped Ollie draft new legislation. They created new legislation in like an hour? The councilwoman agrees because she doesn't want to go after Ollie at a time like this and she wants a favor in return. Ollie is glad to hear it. I wouldn't be.

At the Arrow Cave, Curtis apologizes to Rene. He did some digging and knows the whole story. Rene says that Zoe is now in a good foster home and maybe that's for the best. Curtis wants to help him get his daughter back. So, she can be raised by a single parent vigilante who still has illegal guns? I hope the show is not expecting Thea to raise that kid.

Dinah tells Diggle that she got the apartment. She has also went back to the police force but this time in the SCPD. This makes sense since SCPD has the world's lowest standards.

At City Hall, Ollie holds a vigil with Rene, Thea, Quentin, Adrian and the Councilwoman present. He announces the Star City Firearms and Freedom Act was passed. He wants everyone to work towards peace... So, there's no fall out from the crime boss getting killed then?

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