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TV on 2-10-17 to 2-12-17 - gpgurl50
TV on 2-10-17 to 2-12-17
-“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” will return May 19.

“Son of Zorn” 1x11
Craig came back to Edie. Alan lost his girlfriend and paralyzed a kid.

“Vampire Diaries” 7x11
So, Stefan is human and free. Damon is going to try and kill the devil. Kai is back.

“Grimm” 6x06
So, Meisner might not actually be there. Eve and Rosalee might have found doom in the future.

“Sleepy Hollow” 4x06
It was so stupid Dreyfuss became immortal when it could've ended easily right there. Literally all they would have had to do was pull him out. There were five of them and one of him and he is a tiny man. So dumb.

“Girls” 6x01
Hannah had a fling. Marnie hooked up with her ex and cheated on Ray. Adam and Jessa continue to be the worst.

“The Walking Dead” 7x09
Everyone is teaming up. Gabriel is missing. Some anger is being misplaced.

“Santa Clarita Diet” 1x01
This had a kind of weird tone. I'm intrigued but we'll see.

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