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TV on 3-21-14 to 3-23-14 - gpgurl50
TV on 3-21-14 to 3-23-14
-R.I.P. James Rebhorn.
-Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy) and Creed Bratton (The Office) will guest star in episodes of “Franklin & Bash.”
-“White Collar” was renewed for sixth season.
-USA ordered “Complications” starring Jason O'Mara (Terra Nova) as a doctor whose life is changed after he intervenes in a shooting. “Rush” stars Tom Ellis (The Fades) as a doctor who will do anything for the right price.

“The Neighbors” 2x19
Debbie's mom is Carla from “Cheers.” Debbie has a brother now. Amber learned to act normal around Reggie. Larry doesn't like vacation. Marty saved Larry.

“The Good Wife” 5x15
Will got really involved in a case and got shot for his trouble. He died. I cannot believe it. I guess Josh Charles wanted to go though. This and Teen Wolf. Geez.

“Once Upon A Time” 3x14
Regina is pretty sweet with Henry I have to say. It is really rewarding they get along now even if it's still bittersweet since it's not what Regina completely wants. They know Rumple is alive now.

“Grimm” 3x16
Davis from “Smallville” was on. Nick and Juliette were asked to be part of Monroe and Rosalee's bridal party.

“Raising Hope” 4x19
“There's nothing scarier than the burp of a dead child.”
Jimmy from “Yes, Dear” is back. His wife wasn't back though which makes me think Jimmy was going overboard again and faked his death.

“Shameless” 4x09
Fiona spun out. LOL at Frank losing a kidney while trying to get a liver. He did get the liver though.

“House of Lies” 3x10
Jeannie is trying to dump Dollahyde after all this. Lukas died.

“Hannibal” 2x04
Hannibal brought Bella back. I liked Will talking to Abigail. Beverly has been caught by Hannibal. I have to say this episode slayed me emotionally. The whole episode we followed Bella on her journey to suicide but then Hannibal brought her back and killed Beverly. It was this bittersweet relief mixed with the sadness and shock of losing Beverly.

“Girls” 3x12
Hannah got into graduate school. Shoshanna had rage. Marnie ended a relationship.

“Resurrection” 1x03
The bodies is a difference from the French version of the show I think. It looks like Bellamy and Maggie might happen. The people in town are getting angry.

“Crisis” 1x02
The CIA guy is on the move. Scully is the sister of the FBI agent.

“Believe” 1x03
Bo's mom is Serena's sister/ cousin from “Gossip Girl.” This episode worked for me a little more. I think it was the Bo's family element.

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_profiterole_ From: _profiterole_ Date: March 24th, 2014 05:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
The Neighbors: I enjoyed this episode a lot.

The Good Wife: I was floored! I didn't expect that at all. Though I'm really grateful that, for once, I didn't end up spoilt about major character death (I'm thinking about a bunch of shows here, not just Teen Wolf, though they're the biggest jerks with that issue). Of course, The Good Wife is quality TV, made by serious writers, so they want the fans to experience the show properly.

OUAT: I really don't like the wicked witch despite liking the actress in other shows.
gpgurl50 From: gpgurl50 Date: March 25th, 2014 09:36 am (UTC) (Link)
The Good Wife: I was genuinely shocked myself. I knew something was up with Will but was surprised they went there.

OUAT: I happen to be watching the Wicked Witch on All My Children right now funny enough. Just happened to get around to watching those old episodes.
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