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My "Arrow" 2x16 Recap - gpgurl50
My "Arrow" 2x16 Recap

Ollie has a nightmare about having a mortally wounded Shado in bed with him. He decides to walk it off.


Ollie meets with his Russian gang friends. He wants to know where Slade is. They say they'll tell him after he acts as enforcer to get some money back. He beats them all up and says they are going to work for him for the minute. First of all, that seems kinda reckless. Second of all, Slade was inside Ollie's house and no one knows where he lives?

At the lair, Sara calls Ollie on his weird midnight errands. He hasn't been sleeping and she says it's okay if he's scared of Slade. He is not scared. He just wants to kill Slade really fast. That seems like rational thinking.

At Felicity's place, she brings Diggle some cocoa to his car. Apparently, everyone has gotten extra security in the wake of Slade and Felicity is Diggle's not so secret mission. Felicity says Diggle can't stop what's going to happen so he should just go home. Also, she was apparently stalked by a lacrosse player in college and wonderfully tells Diggle she used to have a life before Team Arrow. It doesn't exactly gel with what we've already seen but makes logical sense since Felicity is so damn pretty.

Diggle shows up at the hotel because of what he thinks is an S.O.S. but is actually a booty call from Lyla. They can't really swap stories so Diggle just gets laid as he should. Side note: The suite they're in is the Ostrander Suite. John Ostrander wrote for the Suicide Squad.


Six years ago in Afghanistan, Lyla and Diggle were in the same squad. Diggle helped her tend to the needs of womenfolk which in turn let them capture a drug and arms dealer, Gholem Qadir. This is the origin of all booty calls, yes?

Amanda busts Diggle and Lyla having sex in the A.R.G.U.S. hotel room but it's all good because everyone does it (ew) and she actually needs both of them for something.

At A.R.G.U.S., Lyla tries to get Diggle out of work but Amanda needs both of them since Gholem is behind a nerve agent getting out. Diggle saved Gholem once. Amanda doesn't want Arrow since she has the Suicide Squad which features Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Shrapnel a.k.a. Simon from “Firefly.” The idea is that they use their skills or are expendable. Lyla says they're killers just like Arrow and Sara. Diggle does not agree. Harley Quinn tries to throw her two cents in and gets thrown some shade by Amanda. Love it.


At Verdant, Laurel fills out her job applications at the bar. That's great for her sobriety, I'm sure. She notices weirdness between Sara and Ollie and tells Sara to just hold on and he'll open up. Awkward.

In the lair, Felicity says Slade is not using a rental car. We've only gotten that far, have we? Didn't we see his actual car last episode? Then she sends Ollie off to fight a robbery. Side note: the robbery is on Giffen St., named for Keith Giffen who worked on the Suicide Squad comics as well.

Ollie handles the robbery while being watched by Slade who leaves an art piece reflecting his man pain.


In Markovburg, Lyla a.k.a. Harbinger calls in with everyone who is fortunately their villain names except Amanda who is Mockingbird. Diggle is not feeling it. Knowing your ex/ current girl is called Harbinger can't be a good feeling.

Back in Afghanistan, Gholem tries to get Diggle in the drug, weapon and human trafficking business. They begin getting shot at and Diggle tackles Gholem out of the line of fire... for some reason.

At an art show, Diggle fake runs into Gholem who says he's gone good while Diggle pretends to go bad. Deadshot fires and Diggle gets to “save” Gholem once again. They part ways but Shrapnel peaces out without consent and gets murdered by Amanda from afar. Am I the only one bummed he didn't get a scene with Summer Glau in his two episodes?

At the safe house, Diggle goes off on Lyla for being part of an organization that blows up people's heads. She goes it's okay, they're murderers! Said murderers are about two feet away from her at this point and could technically kill her before being blown up. Just saying. Diggle says that Gholem contacted him and storms off.

Ollie gets kicked out of his Russian gang after getting Slade's bank account. At least he didn't get an exit beating. Sara finds him and tells him he needs to eat or sleep at some point before he faces Slade. She says no matter what Ollie did the day Ivo pulled the trigger, he would have been haunted. Ollie thinks people are still going to die and tells her to stay away from him. Wouldn't he want to have her close for the time being? A lot of man pain this episode.

At the safe house, Deadshot tells Diggle he makes money for his daughter, Zoe, who he cares about but never sees. He makes a copy of Diggle's fingerprint and is told to get the nerve agent at the party. He's more chatty than I would've imagined so I wonder why Diggle doesn't ask about his brother.

At the benefit, Diggle shows up with Lyla who Gholem somehow doesn't recognize while Deadshot gets in with Diggle's fingerprint. Sure.

Back in Afghanistan, Diggle shoots the people shooting at Gholem. Diggle looks at the body of who he shot and it's a kid. Sad.

At the benefit, Lyla and Diggle stand and chat with Gholem for a long time to distract from Deadshot going for the nerve gas. Do you want him to recognize you, Lyla? Ugh. Diggle and Lyla dance and talk about how their conflicting view points made them get a divorce in the past.

At Verdant, Sara gives Laurel a virgin martini. Wouldn't that just be water? Despite Sara's questionable drink skills, Laurel decides to step into her problems. Laurel tells Ollie that keeping Sara at arm's length is protecting himself rather than her. Good point. Bars really bring out Laurel's brains.

At the lair, Ollie decides to go after Slade without Sara. Felicity can tell this is a terrible plan.

Arrow arrives at Slade's place. When he gets there, the Russian gang member he just alienated is dead in Slade's chair in the way Arrow wounded Slade. Also, a projector is playing footage of Shado. If the music scoring the scene is actually playing, I have to say Slade has a flare for the dramatic.


At the lair, Ollie tells Sara that Slade has had years to plan this and he has no idea how to stop him. Sara points out that Slade would hate her even if she wasn't with Ollie. Now, she's got League of Assassins training so she's harder to kill. FINALLY, she made that point. They agree to go through it all together.

At the party, Deadshot finds the nerve agent and it basically takes up a room. Amanda knew this all along and orders Lyla and Diggle to get out of there before a drone blows the place up. Lyla is having trouble with her boss killing a party full of people. Diggle makes a toast announcing Gholem is a terrorist which shuts the party down. Gholem tries to kill Lyla who he finally remembers but Bronze Tiger kills him. Deadshot wants to die a hero but Diggle convinces him to live for his daughter's sake. What huggable villains, you guys.

In the getaway car, they find out that the drone was not targeting the house, it was targeting Deadshot. Lyla removes his tracker and blows up a street. Could you imagine if there was traffic?

At A.R.G.U.S., it looks Diggle will not be hired again since he's taken the fall for everything. Lyla is told that the prisoners will now have their kill devices placed in their spines so this doesn't happen again. Elsewhere, Diggle gives Deadshot a pep talk. Then even more strangely he kind of takes Team Deadshot over Lyla but ends with saying he never wants to lose her again. That scene took a lot of turns.

Back in Afghanistan, Gholem gets carted off while Diggle gets a commendation for what he did. In a very telling moment, he is upset he's getting a commendation for killing a child but Lyla thinks he had to do it because the kid was armed. They finally exchange names. That's their relationship in a nutshell.

At Verdant, Ollie watches a newscast about the nerve gas being found. Then he sees Momma Moira talking about her plan to bring back after school swimming since Ollie and Thea love it so much. Ollie informs Sara that he and Thea hate swimming. I find it weird they have such strong feelings about it. Ollie and Sara kiss and agree to stick together. Didn't they do this already? Ollie thanks Laurel for her help. She invites him out to dinner with them but he passes to see an old friend.

At A.R.G.U.S., it turns out Ollie is there to see Amanda and he knocked out agents to get to her. He tells her Slade is alive but she's sure Ollie killed him. Ollie insists otherwise so she tells him to look at Deathstroke. Awesome. Also, Amanda and Ollie have a backstory?

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_profiterole_ From: _profiterole_ Date: March 20th, 2014 04:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
So, when exactly on the island did Slade find the time (and a video camera) to shoot romantic-looking footage of Shado? o_O It all looked so "normal life"...

Marvel has creepy SHIELD and DC has creepy ARGUS. I really wouldn't feel safe in either universe. ^^;;
gpgurl50 From: gpgurl50 Date: March 21st, 2014 06:42 am (UTC) (Link)
You know, I didn't mention it in my recap, but I really assumed that was some home movies that Shado made before the island. I mean, Slade has been obsessed with her for years so it made sense to me that he found this footage.
_profiterole_ From: _profiterole_ Date: March 21st, 2014 11:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes, I thought he shot it himself (that would have been more meaningful), but everybody thinks it's from before the island (which makes much more sense). Still, it seems very OOC for Shado (even considering that Oliver and Sara's personalities changed on the island, so Shado's probably did too).
gpgurl50 From: gpgurl50 Date: March 24th, 2014 08:45 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah. I like thinking of Shado having a happy silly video kind of life before the awfulness of the island.
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