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TV on 3-14-14 to 3-16-14 - gpgurl50
TV on 3-14-14 to 3-16-14
-Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi) was promoted to series regular on “Homeland.”
-Emily Bergl (Sammi Gallagher) was promoted to series regular on “Shameless.”
-Ashley Argota has been cast on “The Fosters.”
-Keeley Hawes will appear on “Doctor Who.”
-Odette Annable (Breaking In) has been cast on “Astronaut Wives Club.”
-“Rizzoli & Isles” will premiere June 17 at 9pm.
-“Perception” will premiere June 17 at 10pm.
-“Dallas” will premiere August 18 at 9pm.
-“Murder in the First” will premiere June 9 at 10pm.
-“The Last Ship” will premiere June 22 at 9pm.
-“Legends” will premiere August 20 at 10pm.

“The Neighbors” 2x18
The Weavers are spicing things up. Larry and Jackie are the sexiest people each other know. I like that Reggie and his soulmate had fun on their own.

“The Good Wife” 5x14
“That's the most I've ever said keynote in my entire life.”
“Poor but entitled. Could you be both?”
“You're enjoying your pain too much.”
It was sad to see vulnerable Alicia but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I love drunk Alicia as well. We got lots of backstory. I liked Clarke worrying Alicia would say the wrong thing and then he said the wrong thing.

“Once Upon A Time” 3x13
“You've got a cinnamon kind of face.”
I like Emma and Regina working together. Regina has a sister. If you get bit by a flying monkey you get turned into one. The Wicked Witch has Rumple in a cage. Poor Will is still having trouble.

“Grimm” 3x15
Poor Wu still thinks everything is made up.

“Raising Hope” 4x18
Judith Light was on as another crazy lady. Hope has her mother's killer instinct.

“Shameless” 4x10
Mickey ran scams. Lip ended up in a relationship he doesn't want. Debbie is going off the deep end a little but messed with the wrong person. Carl met a girl who got him to rob a convenience store. Sheila wants to marry Frank. Sammi got the bar guys to be there for Frank. Fiona is spiraling out again. The thing is, she could have just contacted the agency like her probation officer offered.

“House of Lies” 3x09
Flyguy from “I'm Gonna Git You Sucka” was on as a loan shark. Everyone got taken around by Lukas. They basically got restarted to where they were earlier in the season. It looks like Roscoe might be done with Lex. I hope they don't get back into business with Monica.

“Enlisted” 1x08
The guys got over themselves with the help of mentors.

“Hannibal” 2x03
Poor Will is not being let go yet. There's a new killer out to impress Will.

“Girls” 3x11
“I'm being really supportive.”
Patti Lupone was great again. Hannah got fired. She finally learned about Marnie and Ray.

“Resurrection” 1x02
There's more weird stuff going on. One of the back from the dead guys is a crazy killer.

“Crisis” 1x01
Nathan from OTH was on. As well as Scully obviously. I guess Scully is raising Susie's kid. I wonder how this can go long term?

“Believe” 1x02
Natalia from GL was on as a waitress. This reminds me of “Touch.” It's not clicking with me for some reason.

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_profiterole_ From: _profiterole_ Date: March 17th, 2014 01:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
The Good Wife: I wasn't much into the flashbacks. But I agree with you on drunk!Alicia, she's adorable.

OUAT: Glad to see Red make an appearance, especially now that Mulan is not there... If I can't ship Mulan/Aurora, I'm gonna end up shipping Swan Queen, they're starting to make more sense as a pairing. ^^
gpgurl50 From: gpgurl50 Date: March 18th, 2014 09:21 am (UTC) (Link)
OUAT: I was surprised to see Red at all after she was on "Intelligence." I was worried she would have been one of the ones taken.
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