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My "Nashville" 1x06 Recap - gpgurl50
My "Nashville" 1x06 Recap
Apologize if I got the lyrics wrong. I did my best.

At a fundraiser called Zoo In The School, Juliette complains about all this charity work she has to do. A professional quarterback named Sean Butler runs the charity and Juliette finds him super boring. Thanks to karma, the next things that happens to Juliette is this photo op:

bad hair day

In a studio, Rayna and Bucky play Rayna’s new song “Buried Under” for Marshall Evans, the head of the label. Rayna manages to play nice until he leaves. Literally the second he is out the door she begins making fun of his gullibility. She finally learned to be mean in private which she did not know in the pilot. Character growth?

At Lamar’s place, Lamar and Tandy convince Teddy to approve holding Coleman up on the way to a clean campaign pledge. The irony is lost on Teddy who immediately agrees.

At Scarlett and Avery’s house, the couple is back to being lovey dovey even though he’s apparently a deadbeat when it comes to the rent. He is happy when he finds out a regional promoter named Reed Olson is coming to his show. His band is hoping to open up the Lumineers. It is not mentioned in this scene but it is mentioned like a million times in the episode so I am saying it now.

At the studio, Rayna wants a rockstar named Liam McGuiness to replace Randy as her producer. Bucky acts like he considers rockstar to be a curse word. Fortunately for Rayna she has never heard the word no so it is happening.

At Juliette’s house, Makena and Glenn are talking about the great things her appearing with Sean has done for her image and demands that she date him. You know, I feel weird about bringing this up but first the older man thing and then the football player thing. Doesn’t it feel like this show is ripping pages from Hayden Panettiere’s real dating life? Anyway, the main take away from the scene.


Avery is performing a song at The 5 Spot. The lyrics are as follows:

Babe, I’m a puppet on a string
You could make me do anything right now
Oh babe, I’m a fly in your web
I’m tangled up in every word you just said
Oh girl, when you walk like that
talk like that
look like that
I’m chained to your world
So honey, come in for the kill
Come on closer baby
I’m going crazy
Save me
Don’t just leave me like this
Just one kiss
Well, that’s all I ask of you
As I play by all your rules
Now just do something to me
Babe, girl, when you walk like that
talk like that
look like that
Girl, when you walk like that
talk like that
look like that
I’m chained to your world
So honey, come in for the kill
Come on closer baby
I’m going crazy
Save me
Don’t just leave me like this
Just one kiss
Just one kiss
Just one kiss
Just one

After performing, Avery takes Scarlett over to meet Reed. He’s noncommital and leaves. A woman named Marilyn Rhodes approaches and says she wants to be the band’s manager and can get him that gig. Avery is over the moon and so is Scarlett because they work when no problems appear before them.

At Liam’s place, it is obviously not a nice place. Bucky is complaining on behalf of country music and older people everywhere. Ian answers the door for Rayna but rejects her music in less than a minute because she’s square. Rock code for successful?

At what might be the White Elephant Emporium or any lunch place, Juliette and Sean get photographed having lunch. Sean is complimentary. Juliette complains and uses her football knowledge to make fun of his football skills. That’s our evil diva.

At Deacon’s place, Avery brings over some food from Scarlett. Deacon is still in a bad mood from prison or he really doesn’t like Avery. Maybe both. He agrees to put in a good word with Reed to keep Avery from getting a manager. Avery still finds him standoffish but Avery does not know how Lamar handles favors he does for people.

Rayna comes back to Ian’s the next day. She compliments him in a way similar to Juliette that somehow comes off as more sincere. He invites her inside to talk. She locks her car before going in to make sure no one steals it in Ian’s bad neighborhood. Ahaha.

Coleman on his way to the clean campaign pledge, gets stopped by the police. Not for driving while black but for driving while an enemy of Lamar. He gets in trouble and we see he is polite but has a bit of an entitled thing like everyone on the show has.

At the clean campaign pledge, Teddy gives a speech about honesty and integrity at Coleman’s expense while he is the one who got Coleman pulled over and the woman he embezzled millions of dollars with sits in the audience. A proud moment for him I’m sure.

Back at lunch, Sean finally makes a mean comment about Juliette that makes her like him because she is just that damaged. Her appeal is not completely lost as she utters a phrase I’m sure would seduce many people:

Juliette: “We’re young, we’re hot and I got a jet.”

Sean wants to be responsible but goes with her as the men always do.

At the clean campaign pledge, Peggy tells Teddy she is volunteering for his campaign because she has nothing to do and her husband is out of town. Teddy probably does not want to have an affair with her because he is pretty displeased. It does not look that way to the camera snapping pictures though.

At Coleman’s car search, one of the cops finds the pills Deacon gave Coleman last week in an attempt to keep himself clean. Coleman gets arrested. Nice guys always finish last, especially in this episode.

On Juliette’s jet, she explains to Sean she is taking him to a club. He’s never been drunk before. She is turned off until it looks like he’s putting the moves on her. Then she is disappointed when he grabs her guitar instead. He plays her music to her. Her ego gets stroked enough to sing along with him and its nice for a moment. The moment passes really quick. The real testament to him being a boy scout is his working so hard to be nice to her.

rockstar place

At Liam’s place, it looks like Rayna has the manipulation thing down better than Juliette. She navigates through the obstacles of the conversation with perfect answers about her dedication to music. Unfortunately, things take a turn when Liam manages to talk Rayna into a drink she does not feel like taking. I was rooting for you, girl. Also, I feel like Liam was probably meant to have an accent before they cast this guy? Just based on the name.

At the Bluebird, Deacon tells Marilyn to keep her grubby mitts off his niece’s boyfriend. She looks shocked to see him and I don’t know why since he seems to be there almost every night. Anyway, she tells him she would’ve made him famous but he didn’t want to put out to her and kind of tells her off. Gunnar has overheard everything which I’m sure he will use in an argument with Avery later on as he likes to do.

At Lamar’s place, Teddy accuses Lamar of planting the drugs on Coleman. Lamar does his angry man voice and Teddy backs down instantly because he’s spineless.

At Avery’s place, his bandmate tells him that the band did not get picked for the gig, even with Deacon’s help. Avery is pissed. A betting person should know where he’s gonna end up by the end of the episode.

At the Balcony, Sean orders club soda while Juliette just throws back some shots she finds on the table. He is still desperate for her affection and so they start dancing all close. She’s a little happier with the buzz and now that she’s corrupted him even though she was supposed to be using him for the exact opposite purpose. Not too bright this girl.

At The 5 Spot, Avery and his bandmate watch Lindi Ortega perform. Marilyn was instrumental in getting them the gig over Avery’s band. She said if he worked with her, his career would be jump started in about a month. All he would have to do is come to her place tomorrow night. Avery is brighter than his girlfriend and knows what that means and says no... at first. He gives in about five seconds later. Make no mistake, he knows what he’s going over there for.

Leaving the club, Juliette and Sean get bugged by one single paparazzi. Does not seem like the biggest deal. Juliette knows how to handle them and it mostly involves cowering behind Sean. However, the one guy happens to say mean things to Juliette. Sean, in an attempt to make him apologize, Sean pushes him down and partially breaks his camera. Sean knows this is bad but he is following a not so bright bad girl so he just gets into the car with her and they drive off.

At Rayna’s place, Teddy makes fun of Rayna’s hangover and says he already dropped the kids at school. Rayna scrambles to get ready to go to drop stuff off at school for the kids. She does not manage to do this before Coleman appears on TV to deny taking drugs. Rayna correctly assumes her dad had something to do with it. Teddy lies that he did not. Is anyone else a little worried about Teddy? He lies really easily.

At Juliette’s place, Makena lays into her for getting Sean in trouble and in photographs. Juliette acts somewhat guilty. I feel like this guy is too squeaky clean but whatever.

At the Bluebird, Gunnar offers to do a casual double date with Scarlett and Avery. Scarlett mentions that Avery has plans with a manager. Gunnar, trying to be a good guy, mentions Deacon didn’t like the lady. This sets Scarlett off. I mostly feel bad for Gunnar here. Good guys are catching hell this episode.

drunk rayna

Rayna shows up at Liam’s place to find out just what she did when she was drunk. It turned out she did some drunk singing with her new song, “Buried Under.” The lyrics are as follows:

What I thought was meant to be
Was a broken heart weighing down on me
The truth is a ball and chain
Holding my conscience to the flame
Covered up but still I know
The secret life you’re guilty of
A smoking gun is what I found
The dirt I have on you is the ground
I’m buried under
I’m buried under
I’m buried under

Liam tells Rayna to chill and she acts like it’s the best news she ever heard.

At Deacon’s place, Scarlett shows up to yell at Deacon for not liking Avery.

Deacon: “What am I supposed to do? Hand him a balloon every time I see him?”

Deacon has known his niece for a long time and knows that while she is sweet, pretty and talented, she is also sort of slow so he spells it out. Marilyn only signs young dudes who have sex with her. I feel like on this show everyone in the music industry has slept with someone they worked with. Gunnar/Hailey, Scarlett/Avery, Deacon/Rayna, Deacon/Juliette, Juliette/Randy. I feel like the story of how Juliette got her record deal involves a sex scene.

At Marilyn’s place, Marilyn starts making out with Avery but his conscience gets the better of him and he leaves. Marilyn hilariously does not seem the least bit disappointed to let him get away.

At Coleman’s campaign headquarters, Deacon wants to come forward and admit the pills were his. Coleman says no because he wants Deacon to stay sober and also blames himself for not throwing out the pills the moment he got them. Coleman might be my favorite character guys. Not gonna lie.

At Scarlett’s place, she is already packing her bags when Avery gets back. She is done with him since he planned to cheat on her to get a job. He is mad that she doesn’t appreciate that he did not cheat. Both are somewhat valid points. I’m team Scarlett in this case.

In a car in an alley, Juliette and Makena sit and wait for the paparazzi man to get in. Juliette pays the guy for the pictures and SD card. She also promises to reveal her location to him exclusively the next ten times he goes out. Paparazzi plot device man goes out of his way to mention Juliette was not even in any of the pictures he got of Sean just to drive home that she is going out of her way to protect him. She may have an age appropriate love interest yet. And no, I am not talking about the paparazzi plot device.

At Coleman’s office, it turns out all the photos of Peggy/Teddy were for Coleman. In an amazing acting choice, Coleman looks disbelieving and maybe a little hurt for Rayna about Teddy apparently having an affair. Still love you Coleman!

At Juliette’s place, Sean reveals he knows about the $25,000 she spent on his pictures. She in turn appreciates him standing up for her in public. He asks her out for a quiet night in. She says yes while making a million weird faces.


At the studio, Rayna plays the new cut of her song. Marshall does not like Liam since apparently Liam told him off five years before. Marshall forgave Rayna. Why not Liam? Rayna gives Marshall an ultimatum with her new cool attitude and cool leather jacket. It’s pretty adorable.

leather jacket

At Deacon’s place, Scarlett has come to live with her Uncle Deacon. He apologizes for not cluing her in before. Scarlett in turn says she’s actually glad she now knows what’s more important to Avery. You know, I don’t blame Deacon for anything that has happened this episode but he’s getting let off the hook a lot this week.

Teddy sits in a dark room that is hopefully in his house. He hears how well he is doing and feels mighty guilty about what he has done. Maybe anyway.

At Coleman’s place, Coleman, my new TV best friend, tells his wife about everything. He does not want to release the pictures because it’ll hurt Rayna. His wife Audrey who is correct but also a little Lady Macbeth-ish tells him to do it.

The episode ends with a newly single Avery going to bang Marilyn with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. Everyone wins I guess?

Tell me your thoughts if you have anything.

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rhythmvaries From: rhythmvaries Date: November 19th, 2012 10:15 am (UTC) (Link)


But I may have found a site so I can stream this. I will update my journal as I watch, we can discuss! hehehehe
gpgurl50 From: gpgurl50 Date: November 19th, 2012 07:52 pm (UTC) (Link)


rhythmvaries From: rhythmvaries Date: November 23rd, 2012 11:18 am (UTC) (Link)


My thoughts are up on my blog~

I'm kinda not believing anyone is a nice guy, since the past tv shows have painted nice guys as plot devinces (calling out pll here)

So for that matter I'm rooting for Hayden. Just cuz she's a bad girl and don't hide that fact.
gpgurl50 From: gpgurl50 Date: November 24th, 2012 08:41 am (UTC) (Link)


Yeah. A lot of people prefer Juliette to Rayna.
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